What the First Away Weekend Will Tell Us

First AWay Weekend

Lansing City Futsal will take on Columbus Futsal on December 1st for City's home opener for the 2017/18 Winter Season. But that won't be the first glance that we will get at the City team. Next Saturday, City will travel to Grand Rapids to take on ABK in City's first game of the winter season. 


Lansing City Futsal has played ABK twice and lost both times. Both games took place in the 2016/17 Winter Season. This year's away game with ABK will take place on November 25th at 7:00 P.M in Grand Rapids, at the MSA Sports Spot.  ABK traditionally plays a disciplined and controlled style of play being very organized offensively and defensively. 

What to look for

If you are going out to the away game to see City here are two things to look for. 

How does the starting five play together?

City will have a lot of new faces this winter and the question is, how do they all play together and is the chemistry going to be there? That is something we will get a good look at on the 25th.

Traditionally City has struggled defending against the counter attack. Has anything changed?

City has not had an issue scoring goals.  After talking to coach Derby, he thinks this year won't be any different. The difference is going to be if City can successfully defend against the counter. We might get our answer when City plays ABK.