Coach Derby's Take on the City Squad

Pro Coach Jacob Derby Interview 

We sat down with City's Professional Coach, Jacob Derby, to talk about the team and the upcoming game vs Toronto United this Friday. His honesty was refreshing on some of the struggles of the team as well as some of the areas that he has seen flourish in the past couple months. 

(Interviewer)City has played 3 national League games and 2 midweek scrimmages. The goal count for those games is 41 for City and 27 against. Two of those games were blowouts against the Wanderers however we have seen this common theme of City scoring goals in bunches but lacking discipline on the defensive end. Your thoughts on that

(DERBY) We strive for defensive perfection but we also understand that we sacrifice because our prolific attacking style. Taking chances all over the court is what defines us as a Lansing City. The result, 41 goals .

(Interviewer) What has the team been working on specifically in training in preparation for the next stretch of 9 games in the National league?

(derby) We found out quickly on our trip to Maryland that defensive discipline and consistency were major problems for us. We have been grinding every training since then to grow defensively as cohesive unit.

(Interviewer) We saw pictures of the new court at the Summit sports and Ice complex. What kind of impact has it had on the team to have a futsal specific court that is what you train and play on? 

(Derby) Having a futsal specific court has allowed the team to train in an appropriate and professional environment. The size and quality of the court has allowed our talented attacking players to be more dynamic and effective while competing. The amount of amazing goals has increased in training as a result of a high level surface. I also think the keepers appreciate the size because the amount of shots they face has been cut in half (haha)

(Interviewer) Jeremy has 10 goals and 13 assists in the three National league games and two midweek friendlies. Aldony has 7 goals and 3 assists in those five games as well.  What impact does these two players have on your team? 

Aldony and Jeremy are both unique in the fact that they can beat any player in a 1v1 situation. Jeremy with his explosiveness, and Aldony with his technique and shiftiness. They draw so much attention from off-ball defenders. That frees up the other players on the court, the result, a high number of assists and goals.