The Long Road to City

1,388 Miles Later

Brian Rodriguez packed his bags on a Friday morning to begin his trip to Futsal tryouts. Unlock most people, Brian did not hop in a car but in a plane.  1,388 miles later Brian arrived at the Lansing Airport ready to take on this new opportunity. 

I have such a passion for futsal and I love seeing how Lansing City is so passionate about this sport. The hard work they are putting in to make futsal grow in the US is incredible. I wanted to take it to the next level as a player and I wanted to play at the highest level that I could. So I made the trip. I initially heard about City a couple years ago when they started. I started following them on Facebook and just saw how hard they were working to bring futsal to the next level. I wanted to be a part of that. 

the tryout 

City held their team camp on the same weekend as the tryout. The team camp ran from Friday evening to Sunday evening and consisted of film & tactics sessions, technical sessions, walkthroughs and scrimmages. The tryouts were held on Saturday afternoon of that team camp. Any player that was selected from the tryout, by Coach Derby, was then required to stay for the remainder of the team camp. Brian was one of those players.

The tryout experience was great. It was a very high level of futsal at camp and it was cool to meet the team and attend training with. City has some really skillful guys on the team. Every team should watch out for these guys. 


Brian currently resides in Naples, Florida where he plays for the Florida Crushers. 

I currently train mostly on my own but play in quite a few tournaments with the Crushers. They are a big part of who I am today as a player. I am so thankful for the coaches I have had over the years. 

Brian is pictured here with his wife Natalie. Natalie and Brian plan on moving to Lansing as soon as their accommodations are set up. As we spoke with Brian, for this interview, it was amazing to see the die hard commitment to the game of futsal and the passion behind this player.