Season Preview: Head Coach Jacob Derby's Take on the Upcoming Season

Interviewer: City starts out this season in the newly formed NFPL. The league has some teams that we know such as Columbus Futsal, ABK, ANN arbor Mudpuppies, but INDY FC, FC Tryzub and MITWEST FC are new. What is your take on all this?

Jacob Derby: We don't know much about any of the teams at this point, simply because most of the rosters change quite a bit from year to year maybe with the exception of ABK and the mudpuppies. We are approaching every team with a COMPLETELY blank slate. WE will do our scouting and our due diligence and then make game plans based on that.

Interviewer: we got a preview of the City squad a month ago with the first 6 signings but you guys have kept quiet about the rest of the squad. When will get to know the rest of the signings for the team?

Jacob Derby: We try to be precise about our selection of players. We wanted to treat november and december as a trial period for our team. WE are training multiple times per week with extended training sessions as well. in that period we have signed another 10 or 12 players and are waiving 2.

INTERVIEWER: Your first game is away against Mitwest Fc on January 13th. Any expectations for this game?

Jacob Derby: We go into every game expecting to win. We don't know much about mitwest but will get a look at them when they take on ABK on January 5th. That game will tell us a lot. 

INTERVIEWER: Every year the team seems to improve in different areas. in the summer we saw a much better DEFENSIVELY organized team than in years past. Do you see any major improvements this season?

JAcob Derby: We picked up a couple really special players. Those guys have fit into the rotation really well and have allowed guys like Jeremy and Wilson-santos more freedom. I think I know what kind of improvement we are going to see but I am going to save that statement for after the first game (haha).