Professional Team Heads to Training

Training Start

Lansing City Futsal's Professional side kicks off training this week on Thursday. The team is holding a roster of 19 court players and 4 goalkeepers. Head coach, Jacob Derby, will select 8-10 players to dress for each game. The journey for the winter championship starts now. 

0-100 MPH

With most of the team off for the past two months and City's first game (away) on November 24th, Lansing City will have to get moving and get moving quick! 

Moving from training speed to a game speed is a big difference. Because Futsal is such a fast game, the pressure in a game is constant. Trying to replicate that game speed in training is going to be a key factor in our preparation for the winter season" Jeremy Klepal 

New faces

This season will have the most new faces to the squad than ever before. With chemistry and team cohesiveness so important in futsal, it will be interesting to see how all the pieces fall together. We will get our first look at the City squad on November 24th when City takes on ABK in Grand Rapids, and then on December 1st when City opens at home against Columbus Futsal at 7PM at the Aim High Sports Complex in Lansing. Winter we come!