Lansing City Dominates In Final Preseason Match

Christopher McAuliffe                                                                                     November 6th , 2022

Lansing City vs Flint City

    Final, Lansing City 11 - Flint City 4 on November 5th, 2022. This game had it all, from the crazy one on one saves, to the double hattrick by Jeremy Klepal. Both teams showed a lot of heart, and grit in the preseason warm up, before the FCS Winter Series gets underway for Lansing City. Goalkeeper Josh Pierce showed he is ready for the series to get underway, making several one on one saves and even some that seemed impossible. The team leader Klepal said his star of the match was Josh Pierce, as well as coach Conrad Gonzales Jr. When I spoke with them briefly after the game, they also included Trent Amundson as another key player for their big win, as he brought the physical play in for more than enough people. For most of the first half, Lansing took heavy control, playing most of the half on Flint's half of the court, making things very difficult to get going offensively. When I spoke with one of the Flint players at the half, they told me they needed to communicate more to generate an attack, as well as slow down Lansing’s opportunities. In my eyes, I don’t think anyone beats Lansing City in this game. These guys looked sharp, and they have all preseason, Flint was the final victim before Lansing gets going in regular season play. When I spoke to Jeremy he told me his team “ looked like a bunch of futsal players “ as well as Conrad speaking with that saying “ we didn’t look like a bunch of 11v11 players, we looked like a true futsal team “, and that they did. Given this final tuneup game for Lansing before the season starts, and with the addition of many strong players, Lansing is going to be a tough team to size up with. Give Flint the credit they deserve, when I spoke with a couple of their guys in the post match, they told me they were a new team to futsal, and still learning game by game. They also told me how scoring four goals was something to be proud about, and I do believe with the form this Lansing City side is in, four goals is something to smile for. Lansing City looks to continue its dominance on the futsal level with their opening night matchup in the Futsal Champions Series against Migos FC at 6:30 EST at the Lansing City Arena on November 12th, 2022.