Derby Gives Outlook for the National League Season

Steps Ahead

The 2018 National League of Professional Futsal is currently the highest level of futsal in the United States. Although in it's infancy, futsal has seen continued growth year to year. This season is shaping up to not only be the biggest in terms of the number of teams across the U.S but also looks to be the best in terms of futsal quality. Last years, National League Final saw Knowens (Mexico) defeat Sporting Maryland (Baltimore) in a overtime thriller. City earned the 3rd place trophy by beating the Philadelphia Lions. It was a wonderful showcase of what the future of Futsal could be in the US. Now this year everything looks to be a little bit better and a little bit bigger, and City is planning on playing a big role in that. 

National League

The National League of Professional Futsal will feature 7 teams from the East Coast/ Midwest and 5 teams from the West Coast/Mexico. 

Eastern Conference 

  1. Sporting Maryland, Baltimore
  2. Lansing City, Lansing
  3. Toronto United, Ontario
  4. Saint George FC, Connecticut
  5. New York Ecuador, Staten Island
  6. Columbus Futsal, Columbus
  7. Copa Fc, Metuchen 

Western Conference 

  1.  San Francisco FC, San Francisco
  2. DI Bufala FC, San Francisco
  3. Fresno FC, Fresno
  4. Ensenada Knowens, Mexico
  5. San Jose Legends, San Jose

Interview with Coach Derby

City struggled early in the season last year losing their first 3 games before winning 9 out of their last 10 games to finish out the season. What changed to cause this sudden burst of dominance? 

I don't know if I would call it dominance. I think we definitely dominated in quite a few of those games but a couple were really close. Actually a couple that we lost in that losing skid were really close. If I could pull out a difference it would be the chemistry that the team built together. Now we have a solid 4-5 guys that are at the top of their game. We have had that core for almost a year now and will have all of them again for this National League Season. My thought is that we are going to see the fruit of that time spent together this season. 

Scoring hasn't ever been a problem for City with Jeremy, Alexis, and Aldony combining for over 35 goals this winter season. The problem seems to be preventing goals. What are you doing this year to improve that? 

I know our stats are rudimentary at this stage but I believe if you go back to including last year's National League Season, those three guys have scored a little over 60 goals. The way we play yields itself to high scoring games. But we play that way because of the talent that we have. The focus this off-season was bringing in some players that have a high work-rate and tactical intelligence to help on the defensive end of the game. I think we have done that. I guess we will see (haha)...

You used to play goalkeeper. how has that influenced your coaching style?

(Haha) That I am really hard on our goalkeepers. Danny and David are really great. That have a high work rate and push each other in training. Nyah will be joining us from the Youth Academy for this season and he has been a high performer as well. I think that because I know what is required to play that position it just makes me be tougher on those guys. It is not an easy position at all. I mean you have the ball being blasted at you at sometimes 3 yards away and you have to react to make a save. It's not easy. But it is one of the most important positions. 

Each team has players that have quirks. Care to share anything weird about the City players?

Jeremy is really weird. He cuts holes out of his socks and stuff and then tears all the padding and soles out of his shoes before he plays. Just weird (haha). 

City's Home Opener

City will take on Toronto United on May 11th at 7:30 P.M at the Summit Fieldhouse in Lansing, Michigan.

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