Coach Derby's Take After One Week In

One Week In

City is one week into training in their preparation for the upcoming winter season. With their first away game in less than two weeks and home opener shortly after that, we wanted to get some insight into how the team has been looking! We sat down with Professional Coach, Jacob Derby, to get the details

What has the training environment been like this past week?

 The training has been the most competitive it has ever been. There is a lot of depth and a lot of guys fighting for playing time. This is a good problem to have. There seems to be a game like intensity in the training sessions which is a rare and precious thing to have. 

What do you think about the addition of Emmanuel and how has he looked?

Emmanuel's playing style is something we really haven't had before. It complements Jeremy's style of play and allows us to attack and create efficiently.  We want to play that open and attacking style of futsal. Emmanuel has the ability to get out of pressure with like three guys on him which really opens up the court. His ability to finish around the net with little to no space makes him even more dangerous. 

The Mendez brothers reported to training Tuesday. What do they bring to the team?

Having Alexis and Aldony on the team gives us two very strong players who are pure goal scorers. We definitely should score a lot of goals this year. I don't foresee that being an issue. 

Captain, Jared Wilson-Santos, is back this winter. how has he looked?

Jared has come to training with a new fire to play. He has added the ability to play higher up the court at a pivot position and play less of a conservative role on the team. Having some of the other guys on the roster this winter allows him to have a little more freedom and it seems like he enjoys that.

Jeremy Klepal is coming off a big season in the National League. how has he been doing?

Jeremy's defensive focus and leadership has been extremely beneficial in getting us locked down when we don't have the ball. His ability to beat one or two defenders at crazy speeds simply just changes the game. He is also intelligent enough understand how to create off of those one vs one situations to other teammates when the timing is right.