City Sputters but Threatens a Comeback in First FCS Game

Loss of Concentration Costs City Early

It was a slow start to the game with nearly zero pressing defensively by either team. Klepal created multiple chances early but didn't convert any. Amundson had a shot that fired off the post that seemed like it had to go in but didn't. About 10 minutes into the first half, Migos' Jonathon Stout scored off a corner kick that went through the legs of City GK Josh Pierce. Two minutes later, Zaneletto drew a foul at about the 10 meter mark. Klepal smashed in the free kick to put City level. Three minutes following, a breakaway by Stout turned into another goal following an mistimed tackle by City's Segura. Stout smashed the ball in from 5 meters out and put Migos up by 1. 

Second Half

It was the worst start of the second half that City could have hoped for. A defensive error by Dos Santos, allowed a Migos player to be alone from 6 meters out and put one in on the near post against Pierce. Just seconds later, an uncharacteristic mistake in the back by Klepal allowed another Migos goal. With the score now 4-1, City was sputtering to get back on track. Frustrations were mounting, as Zaneletto mistimed a sliding challenge and badly collided with a Migos player on a breakaway. A red card was issued to Zaneletto putting City down a player. The game looked to be getting out of hand for City. But a stellar defensive performance by Saltsman, Amundson, and Klepal saw Migos, really only getting one chance out of their "power play". After City was back to full strength ( after the red card penalty time had run out) City's Jeremy Klepal beat a Migos player down the line and smashed one across the face of the goal. City's Danny Buegar charged to the back post sliding to put the ball in the back of the net. Seven minutes later an awesome combination by City's Shefkiu and Dos Santos put Saltsman alone at the back post for the tap in. After so much going against them, City found themselves only down 1 with five minutes to go in the game.  Moments later, City's Segura played Klepal in past a defender. Klepal pushed the ball past another defender and smashed the ball to the top right corner. An impressive save by the Migos goalie kept City in the deficit.  With 30 seconds to go in the game, City was pressing with all four players and a pass by Migos broke the line leaving a 1v1 with Pierce. Migos player slotted it home in the final seconds securing the 5-3 win over City.

City (0-1) will take on BIH (1-0) this coming Saturday, November 19th at 6:30 PM at the arena.