City's Backs are Against the Wall in Must Win Home Game This Friday

Roller Coaster Season

City started out the season by dropping a hard fought matchup to Sporting Maryland in Baltimore and then turned around to crush Copa FC in New Jersey by a score of 12-4. City then traveled to Columbus and suffered a hard loss before turning it around at home to dominate Toronto United. City then took on Copa FC at home and won in a come from behind thriller! In early June, City traveled to Toronto and lost 9-5  and then suffered another loss last Friday night to Sporting Maryland by a score of 8-5.  Now City faces the biggest challenge of the season. A Must Win Game vs Connecticut on this Friday. 

Must win

City currently sits at 3-4 with three home games and two away games left to play. A win against Connecticut gives City a fighting chance to make the playoffs if the cards fall right at the end of the season. A loss against Connecticut would all but eliminate City from playoff contention. This is it. It is win or stay home. 

Key Players have to come through 

City's Aldony Mendez is coming off a hamstring injury which hampered him in the Maryland game. It looks like he is improving at a steady rate and will be ready to have another go at it this Friday against Connecticut. City's starting goalkeeper, Danny Buegar, is still inactive and won't return until the winter season as he is visiting his family in Liberia. This means that City's defensive cast has to come up big this Friday. City is going to be relying heavily on veteran, Jared Wilson-Santos who has consistently been the defensive backbone of the team along with Ryan Derby and Jared Klepal who have rapidly improved this City's defense this season and become consistent contributors each game. Jeremy Klepal will need to have another big game against Connecticut. Jeremy has scored or assisted in 30 of City's 45 goals this season. The stage is set in a must win game.