City Faces Another Must Win Game at Home This Saturday

One Pressure filled game after another

City was under pressure last week against Connecticut SG in a win or "go home" game. City responded to the situation by crushing Connecticut 13-3. Now after the dust has settled from results around the league, City finds themselves again in a win or "go home" situation. City must beat Columbus to stay in the Eastern Conference playoff race. It is going to be another tense one again...


City has developed a rivalry with Columbus over the past year. City has one 4 out of the 6 contests but Columbus has one the past 2. Each team has a completed opposite style. City attacks in numbers and flys forward while Columbus prefers a more contained attacking approach and is extremely disciplined defensively.  Every time these teams get together it is an exciting matchup that offers two very different, yet successful, approaches to the game of futsal. 

City's Defensive problems and Columbus Defensive prowess

 One very interesting aspect to this matchup is the differences in strengths and weaknesses. City has historically been weak defensively and Columbus strong defensively. Columbus plays a strict 2-2 zone in the back and is very good at it. City has experimented with different approaches but seemingly has settled in a high pressing man to man defense that might be the solution to the their historic problems. For the offensive side of the ball, Columbus typically plays directly through their pivot and tries to work the angles close to the goal. City on the other hand likes to stretch out the court to create one v one situations and overload sides to create scoring opportunities. Which style will prevail? I guess we are going to find out this Saturday!

Game Details

Location: Summit Fieldhouse - 9410 W Davis hwy, Dimondale, MI

Doors Open: 5:00  P.M (Yeti's pub opens, Concessions opens, and panna court opens for free play)

Kickoff: 6:00 P.M