City Drops a Thriller against Mitwest

Final: Mitwest FC 5 (1-1), Lansing City 2 (1-2). A rivalry was restored between the two teams, as they have been facing each other since the FCS was founded. Mitwest. If you were to only see the first half of this game then it might be a bit confusing to see that this many goals were scored, considering our halftime score was 0-0. But these two teams were not giving an inch to the other side. So lets start in the second half where Mitwest got out to a 1-0 lead. It was only moments after the first goal where we would see our first ( and not last ) red shown due to a double yellow card on one of the Mitwest players. In just seconds into the two minute man advantage that City was given, they had scored the equalizer and we were all square again. As time went on both teams were playing tight and hard against each other when Mitwest would get back in front and it was a one goal lead for them. Davide Di Poce would make it a 3-1 game and at this point things were starting to look dim for Lansing City as the underdog was starting to get away. Abdul Al-Rashed would make things close again with his second goal and a 3-2 score but it was Costa Wells who put Mitwest back in the drivers seat with it being 4-2. Now things started to get dicey as Leutrim Shefkiu and Marco Bernardini of Lansing City were both shown red cards from two different instances. Mitwest would play around with the ball to run the clock out before they went on to score their 5th and final goal of the night, putting the game to rest. For Mitwest, this is a win much needed. After a coaching change and a system that wasn’t working for a while they get their first win in FCS competition since the Spring series where they found themselves in a final against Lansing City. Lets not also let goalkeeper Micheal Forbes performance go unnoticed, as he was close to a brick wall the entire game and stopping many chances from Lansing City from ever taking control of this game. For Lansing City they didn’t have their type of night, as Mitwest looked like they had an answer for everything that Lansing City was doing. Needless to say it is great to see these two teams locked in on each other and that this is a rivalry being restored within the FCS, and what is even greater is we get to see this matchup again next weekend at Lansing City Arena, Saturday, February 25th. KO at 6:30PM.

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by Chris Mcauliffe