A Rough One in Columbus

City Traveled to Ohio to take on Columbus Futsal club

On Saturday, May 5th, City took an away trip to Ohio to take on Columbus Futsal Club. The environment was a tough one and the result even tougher. City started the game going up 1-0 in the first five minutes when City's Dylan Lack broke free on the counter and split the keeper to take City ahead. Then the defensive struggles started to show. City gave up a shot from near midcourt that put the game at 1-1. City gave up another goal when Columbus finished back post and then another goal back post to make the score 3-1 with 10 minutes to go in the half. 

Timeout RE-group

City Coach Jacob Derby called a timeout and changed strategy. It was tough for City to generate their typical offensive threat on Columbus' small court. Derby switched around formations and players in an adjustment. It worked. City's Jeremy Klepal was able to repeatedly  beat the high player in Columbus zone and create chances. Now City was rolling. Columbus' keeper was tested over and over again with thunderous shots by City's Je. Klepal and brilliant pivot play by City's Ja. Klepal and Ry. Derby. The game was swinging City's way. A brilliant combination goal between the Klepal brothers put City within striking distance making the score 2-3 and then right before half Jeremy dribbled the defense and smashed one in to tie the game 3-3 going into half time. 

Second Half woes

At the start of the second half, the possibility of City stealing a point or possibly three on the road was a reality. First five minutes of the second half were solid and then it all fell apart. Two back post goals, two giveaways in the back, and two strikes from distance by Columbus put City down in a matter of 6 minutes. City's Ja. Klepal was able to score a slotted ball from Je. Klepal to get City up to 4 but all the defense mistakes put City down by a score of 9-4. The rest of the second half saw City chasing the game trying to get it back within striking distance. Repeated efforts from Je. Klepal were turned aside by the keeper or struck off the post. City had chances but none seemed to go in. One moment saw Je. Klepal slice through the defense to deliver a ball to Ja. Klepal who spun, and slotted it to Ry. Derby who brilliantly flicked it past the keeper only to see it bang off the post and out of play. City would give up two late goals as they were pressing to end the game in Columbus favor 11-4. 

Frustrating Result, Especially after the Copa Performance 

Every season I think you have one game that just seems to not go your way. Difficult circumstance with the court being small and slippery but that is no excuse. Everyone in that game played on the same court. I mean we didn't defend well in the second half and Columbus exposed that. Their keeper is real good and was a threat offensively when they brought him up. It's frustrating to get exposed like that being tied at half and especially after our performances against Copa FC and the scrimmage against the Wanderers midweek. Our problem is not talent or attacking prowess. We have those two down. We have to be consistent and perform day in and day out. No excuses.  Jeremy Klepal

Time to REbound and Get Focused 

City takes on Toronto United this Friday at 7:30 P.M, in the 2018 National League Home Opener at the Summit Sports and Ice Complex. Toronto United is 1-1 in the league after losing a road game vs New York Ecuador on a last second goal and then winning an away game vs Saint George FC. Toronto is one of the top futsal teams in Canada and will be bringing their A game this Friday. It is now City's job to prepare and come back focused this Friday.