99 Boys Look Dangerous Heading Into the Winter Season

Lansing City Futsal's 99 Boys Youth Academy team will have key players returning from last year's USYF National final qualifying squad. 

"They were quite the team to watch last year. Their speed and creativity was something that really grabbed people's attention. At the USYF Regional Tournament last year, there were a couple hundred people that  watched our 99 Boys play in the final. They are just so dynamic. It's fun to watch." 

-Jeremy Klepal

The squad will retain stars Dylan Lack ( who has received multiple call ups for City's Pro side), Wess Toutjani, David Saltsman, Farai Mutatu, and Andrew "Willy" Thompson. The system they play is a free flowing 3-1 that is designed to bring out the players' individual flair. The team will also add Bu Reh and Pleh Reh this coming winter. Bu and Pleh are from Thailand and possess lightning quick speed and smooth ball control. They will be a strong addition to the squad, and hopefully they can push the team over the top this winter.